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Pricecheck Raise Thousands for Weston Park Cancer Charity

£14,000 raised in total

Staff took part in the first gruelling “Vengeance Run” in the Peak District

One of the first major contributions to Weston Park’s “Beyond the Treatment” appeal

Pricecheck | Vengeance Run 2017 | Cheque to Weston Park Charity

Eleven members of the team at Sheffield-based wholesaler, Pricecheck, took part in the “Vengeance Run” last weekend in the Peak District to raise money for Weston Park Cancer Charity.

The participants had to overcome obstacles in a 7.5km course, carrying heavy weights over rough terrain while completing mental tests along the way.

The volunteers were provided with brand new “Team Weston Park” t-shirts, which the Pricecheck Warriors proudly debuted throughout their training and for the event, as part of the charity’s campaign to make all fundraisers members of the same team. The total raised by the team was over £3,500, plus a further £500 in Gift Aid, and has seen donations from the company’s customers and suppliers across the world, as well as many from local supporters in Sheffield.

Thanks to the efforts of the “Pricecheck Warriors”, the total raised for the charity reached over £14,000.

This fundraising venture comes just a month after Pricecheck donated £10,000 towards Weston Park’s “Beyond the Treatment” appeal, after hosting a staff race night fundraiser. The company put in £10 for every £1 raised by staff, which took the total to a whopping £10,000.

This was one of the first major contributions towards the appeal, which aims to raise £500,000 for much needed inpatient facilities. These include comfortable recliner chairs for visitors who often sleep at patients’ bedsides and improved day room facilities for patients and families to have activity areas away from the wards.

Pricecheck are looking forward to continuing to support the fantastic work carried out at Weston Park, which is invaluable to so many in the region in the form of cancer treatment and care. The Weston Park Hospital is also a centre for world-renowned cancer research, and continues to help the progress in the fight against cancer.

Pricecheck | Vengeance Run 2017 | Whole team after the event
Members of the “Pricecheck Warriors” celebrate completing the Vengeance Run in aid of the Weston Park Cancer Charity
Pricecheck | Vengeance Run 2017 | Lee B & W

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