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Introducing the Pricecheck Placement Challenge

Pricecheck | Pricecheck Placement Challenge

Last year, we raised more than £14,000 for charities – this year we want to go one step further.

That’s why we’re launching the inaugural Pricecheck Placement Challenge, where our team of students will have to plan and deliver a fun, inclusive event in the summer to raise money for our chosen charities; Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and Weston Park Cancer Charity.

It may include families; it may include food – that’s for our placement students to decide. They’ve only just been given the challenge but in future years, they’ll have the full year to plan the event.

The team have been given a starting event fund – but they’ll need to think creatively on how to boost this before the big day and ultimately raise as much money as possible.

As well as raising money, the tasks will provide our placement students with valuable work experience and additional skills to add to their CV.

We’ll share regular updates on the team’s progress across our social media channels so keep your eyes peeled for more information soon!

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