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The Flood Which Proved a Catalyst for Change

Pricecheck | The Flood Which Proved a Catalyst for Change

Today (June 25th) marks 12 years since a key turning point in Pricecheck’s 41-year history.

In 2007, in the months before brother and sister duo and current managing directors, Mark and Debbie, took over the business, Sheffield experienced a devastating flood when the River Don burst its banks and quite literally swept away parts of the city, destroying businesses, homes and lives.

Pricecheck was under 6 ft of water and the flood could have signalled the end for Pricecheck.

In what was a challenging time for the whole region, with some businesses and individuals unable to recover, it was fitting that a city renowned for its steel production, would continue to show its strength and resilience as it began to rebuild and reshape its surroundings.

Pricecheck was lucky, determined and creative, and within days, we were able to trade using a first-floor office even though the warehouse, the stock and the ground floor offices were wrecked.

As it did for so many in the region, the clean-up operation lasted months. It was hard to imagine pulling through and it was at that point founding directors, Doug and Moira, handed over the reins to their children.

Mark and Debbie took over the business and started to look at the opportunity they’d been gifted by their parents – and by nature - to transform the business.

Looking back the flood was a huge catalyst for change. It gave Pricecheck a clean slate and an opportunity to evaluate how and, with who, we did business.

It allowed us to branch out into new categories and territories, as well as different ways of working.

At Pricecheck, we’re very proud that, 12 years later, we’ve not only continued to trade but have expanded our services to more than 80 countries and we’re on track to achieve a £200m turnover by 2025.

“Unexpected events can set you back or set you up. It’s all a matter of perspective.” Mary Anne Radmacher

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