Welcoming the Next Gen of products

6 September, 2019

Vaping is one of the fastest growing markets and estimated to be worth more than £1bn despite only being a decade old!

In the past month, we’ve launched a partnership with NextGen360 to exclusively distribute its extensive range of vaping products.

NextGen360 produces EDGE E-liquid, the fastest growing vaping brand in the UK and LiQuid, the first UK-made e-liquid to be offered at just £1 per 10ml bottle.

The company already enjoys good distribution across the UK and in some overseas territories and we will work with NextGen360 to maintain its current distribution as well as expand into a diverse range of UK and international markets.

We have ambitious business targets which will see us double our turnover to £200m by 2025. Adding new categories and expanding our distribution partnerships are key to helping us achieve our vision and working alongside NextGen360 is the next of many new partnerships.