Sun Awareness Week

4 May, 2022

It’s Sun Awareness Week, a campaign led by The British Association of Dermatologists with a view to highlighting the dangers of exposure to the sun. 

It’s imperative that when you plan your sun care offering you ensure you are catering for all customer’s needs, like those who require a high sun protection factor, those who like to use a tan enhancer and customers looking for handy handbag size SKUs.

Well, we thought we’d do the hard work for you and highlight what’s hot to stock when it comes to sun care

Sun lotions should appear in your collection as standard, as people use body lotion daily so a sun lotion may seem like the most obvious choice when they head to the shops.  Be sure to include low, medium and hight SPFs with UVA and UVB sunscreen.
View sun care lotions here.

There are two types of oils, tanning oil for those with skin that tans easily and who are looking to boost their bronze, and dry oil which has a non greasy and quick drying formula. Both equally nourish and protect the skin from the sun, so you might as well stock both.
View sun care oils here.

Did you know that spray-on sunscreen is the most popular with consumers? Hardly surprising as it’s ideal for use on those hard-to-reach places and is convenient for parents who need to apply sunscreen to children pronto.  Stock a combination of spray lotion and oil and you’re winning!
View sun care sprays here.

After Sun
After sun is popular with sun worshipers, as whilst a standard body lotion will keep sun exposed skin moisturised and hydrated, an after sun contains additional soothing ingredients like cucumber and aloe vera to help with any burning and redness.
View after sun lines here.

Travel Size Lines
Travel size sun care lines are a must and customers seem to snap them up off the shelves during the summer.  They are ideal for slipping into your handbag or keeping in the car ready for picnics in the park and days out, plus they are very handy for weekends away.
View travel size options here.

Children’s SKUs
Sun care lines which specifically cater for children should be a part of your summer offering.  These SKUs often make life easier for parents as they may have an easy applicator like a spray, offer high protection for young skin and are water resistant for those who love swimming in the sun on holiday.
View sun care for children here.

Lip Care
Lips can be sensitive to cold and heat, they become dry and cracked, so prevention is better than cure.  Be sure to stock some lip care SKUs which offer UVA and UVB sunscreen protection with high SPF.
View lip care lines here.

Sun care is one of the fastest growing skin care categories, due to the increasing global awareness of the impact that the sun can have on unprotected skin, so stock up today. View all sun care lines here.

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