Secure Sweet Success During National Candy Month

1 June, 2022

Established by the National Confectioners Association, National Candy Month is a time for us to celebrate over 100 years of candy production, plus, enjoy a sweet treat or two!

Come 2030 the global confectionery market size is expected to be worth around $298.2 billion and poised to grow at a noteworthy CAGR of 2.4% over the coming years.

So, what should be on your shelves to deliver sweet success?  Here are a few of our favourite confectionery brands… 

Cadbury was established almost 200 years ago and is the second largest confectionery brand in the world.  The brands iconic purple packaging came about in 1920 and the colour is now synonymous with Cadbury, in fact they trade marked it, with Dairy Milk being their most popular line.  Cadbury was granted a Royal Warrant in 1955 by Queen Elizabeth II as a mark of recognition for having regularly supplied goods to Her Majesty.
View Cadbury lines here.

German confectionery company Haribo was established in 1920 and after humble beginnings has gone on to become one of the best-selling confectionery brands globally.  This third-generation family business revolutionised the sweet market, creating its own unique mixes and bringing firm favourites together in one bag.  Top sellers include Starmix, Tangfastics and Supermix and are go-to sweet treats for the whole family.
View Haribo lines here.

Introduced to the market in 1935, Aero was launched as the first ever bubbly chocolate brand and soon became a hit with consumers.  With a selection of melt in the mouth flavours including milk, orange, peppermint and caramel, there's an Aero for everyone.  Today, Aero remains the original bubbly chocolate bar with over eight million people every year enjoying the brands confectionery.
View Aero lines here.

Swizzels has been delighting generations with fun and innovative sweets since 1928.  Best known for its Love Hearts, Drumstick, Refreshers, and Parma Violets inventions, Swizzels produce a great tasting selection of sweets in a variety of different colours, flavours and textures that fulfil everybody’s sweet tooth. The latest creation from the brand is Squashies which have taken the top spot as the UK’s favourite Swizzels sweet.
View Swizzels lines here.

Irish brand Crillys Sweets was established in 1974 and almost 50 years later Crillys now export across Europe.  The brand offers handmade, premium sweets made using traditional methods to secret family recipes and the range includes many childhood favourites such as liquorice allsorts, vanilla fudge, mint humbugs and pear drops.  These lines are perfect for keeping in the car and taking on days out.
View Crillys lines here.

View our complete sweet selection here and get stocked up today.  You can do so online or contact our sales team on: +44 (0) 114 244 0887 /

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