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15 June, 2022

The pandemic changed the behaviour of consumers across all industries, however the fragrance market performed well.

Scents remained a small luxury for many during trying times, not surprising when you think about it as studies have shown that they can uplift mood.  In fact, around 75% of our emotions come from our sense of smell, making fragrance an important part of daily life.

The size of the perfume market shows no sign of decreasing any time soon, experts predict the industry will reach £62 billion by the end of 2028, with a CAGR of 5.8%.

Here’s an insight into what brands should be a part of your fragrance offering…

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a renowned luxury brand offering fragrance lines for both men and women.  It is synonymous with authentic, modern, minimalist style and continues to innovate its portfolio of bold, exciting, and iconic scents.  The Calvin Klein collection has the perfect line for every occasion, whether customers are looking to change up their daily signature scent or want something specifically for a special occasion. 

View all Calvin Klein fragrances here.


Charlie is a range of fragrances produced by the American perfume and cosmetic house Revlon.  The original Charlie scent was launched in 1973 and went on to become the world's top selling perfume within three years.  Fast forward 50 years and this stylish yet affordable brand is still popular with women worldwide and the collection of scents have grown significantly over the years. 

View all Charlie fragrances here.


Burberry is a brand influenced by the principles of British design, innovation and expert craftsmanship, and its array of fragrances adhere to this code.  These luxury lines capture the spirit of London and are inspired by music, fashion, and British icons, plus they are presented in beautifully crafted glass bottles with classic and signature scents for both sexes. 

View all Burberry fragrances here.

Britney Spears

She may not have released an album for over five years, but Britney Spears is well known across the globe.  She branched out into fragrances in 2004 and since then has released over 20 lines focusing on fruity tropical notes.  Each one has achieved success, with consumers buying into celebrity scents as for the cost of one bottle they hope to be transported into the fantasy world of their chosen A-lister.

View all Britney Spears fragrances here.


The founder of this luxury brand, Zino Davidoff, is at the heart of it and his philosophy of placing value on the finer things in life and sharing life’s pleasures are the company’s ethos.  Almost 35 years after the first Davidoff fragrance, the collection includes scents to suit all tastes, and they cater for both sexes, with each and every line representing the quality, style, elegance and authenticity that the Davidoff brand is known for.

View all Davidoff fragrances here.

Hugo Boss

This high-end, award-winning brand with almost 100 years of heritage knows how to produce quality, expertly crafted and refined products, which reflect the wearers personality and compliment their modern lifestyle.  Hugo Boss originally targeted men looking for a signature scent to complement their designer look but in 1997 expanded their collection to include fragrances for women too. 

View all Hugo Boss fragrances here.


Known for being spirited, seductive and expressive, the JOOP! collection of fragrances certainly makes a statement and are often trendsetters.  The brand is bold and in 1989 challenged the perceptions of masculinity and created the first ever pink fragrance for men, JOOP! Homme, which is still sold today.  Popular the world over, JOOP! is one of the most sought-after fragrance brands on the market.

View all JOOP! fragrances here.

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