Cheers to Alcohol Sales This Summer

22 June, 2022

As a summer without restrictions approaches, it’s time for retailers to get their alcohol offering ready.

Beer garden weather is officially here, and with it comes hot opportunities to increase alcohol sales. With demand for beer, wine and cider predicted to exceed pre-pandemic levels, now’s the time to boost booze.

One thing is for sure - pandemic drinking habits are here to stay. Although consumers will return to local pubs, many will continue to drink socially at home, driving demand for larger pack sizes in supermarkets and convenience stores.

To capitalise on these summer trends, we recommend stocking single bottles and multipacks of the bestselling brands in beer, cider, and wine…


Although the category experienced bitter figures during lockdown, consumers are flooding back to beer. Overall beer sales have increased by 13% in the last year – the equivalent of 1.1 billion pints. As the fastest-growing category within Beer, Wine and Spirit in the UK, these trusted beer brands are still a must-stock for retailers in 2022.

Heineken 4x568ml PMP Multipack - Heineken is the world-famous beer in a green bottle. As drinking culture returned to Europe, this leading brand saw a surge in sales in 2021, with beer volume up by 4.6%.

Stella Artois 115x284ml Multipack - With an ABV of 5.2%, Stella Artois is a go-to choice for home drinkers who prefer a stronger larger. Its characteristic flavour is enjoyed in more than 80 countries and is commonly bought in multipacks.

Corona Extra 10x330ml Multipack – Despite its unfortunate name clash with a global epidemic, the brand reputation of Corona survived, retaining its title as the world’s most valuable beer brand in 2021.


Cider is best served chilled, so it’s no wonder the beverage has developed a reputation as a drink for warmer weather. Throughout the pandemic, the category continued to grow, especially when it came to fruity variants. With fruit ciders accounting for a third of overall sales, we recommend giving them more shelf space than apple ciders over the summer season to maximise profits.

Strongbow Dark Fruit 10x440ml Multipack – Strongbow tops the list as the bestselling cider for another year, following its sister brand, Strongbow Dark Fruit. Generating £127.8m in sales in 2021, its dark berry variant is a must-stock multipack.

Rekorderlig Mango & Raspberry 10x330ml Multipack – Refreshingly fruity, beautifully Swedish. Stocked in the world’s favourite alcohol retailers, Rekorderlig is a global powerhouse that delivers perfectly chilled refreshments all summer.

Old Mout Cider Kiwi & Lime 500ml Established in a shed over 70 years ago (and mispronounced ever since), Old Mout Cider is inspired by the great outdoors. Its adventurous fruit ciders are experiencing high YoY growth. 


As home drinkers replaced beer with wine, rosé found its place, and its rise in popularity is poised to continue. Rosé remains a strong sales driver, especially during warmer months when consumers want a light and refreshing wine alternative. With the category forecast to grow by 70% from 2020 to 2024, its essential retailers are well-stocked up ahead of the summertime bump.

Vina Maipo Chilean Rosé 75cl - Crafted in the heart of the Maipo Valley, Vina Maipo is one of the top Chilean brands in the UK market. Blending delicious quality wines with fresh fruit aromas, this rosé is the perfect mix of quality taste and value.

La Costiera Pinot Grigio Blush 75cl – Perfect for social get-togethers in the sun, this blush wine packs a light, dry and crisp punch with a flowery aroma reminiscent of the Italian countryside in the summer.

Canti Prosecco Rosé 20cl - In 2022, expect sparkling wine to shape the rosé consumption landscape. Stay ahead of trends with this Canti Prosecco, a floral and fruity rosé with plenty of fizz.

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