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Home Fragrances

Scent-sational Home Fragrance SKUs

8 September, 2021
The home fragrance market is gaining more traction, so it’s time to take advantage! Which SKUs will deliver scent-sational sales?  Well, here’s our guide…
skin care products

We Care About Skin Care!

1 September, 2021
At Pricecheck we’re big on skin care, stocking a huge array of products which can be used on the body from head to toe.  Read on to see what SKUs should be sitting on your shelves…
Vaping products

Get Ready for the Stoptober Surge!

25 August, 2021
Make sure your shelves are stocked up ready for the Stoptober surge.  Here are the SKUs we would recommend…
Male Grooming

Happy Men's Grooming Day!

20 August, 2021
We’re a one stop shop at Pricecheck as we cover every aspect from skin and body care to beard and hair care, let us be your guide to grooming!
HFSS Update

HFSS Food and How New Legislation Will Impact Businesses

12 August, 2021
What is HFSS and how will it affect my business? Read on for more information.
Selection of nail varnishes

Nail That Sale This Summer!

5 August, 2021
When it comes to nail polish there are so many different brands out there, so choosing between SKUs can be a headache. Read on for our top tips.
Hair styling electricals

Hair Styling Tools for Top Notch Tresses

29 July, 2021
When it comes to hair, the right tools are key and can make all the difference between a good hair day and a bad hair day. Stock these styling tools and whether your customers are looking for a salon-worthy blow dry or sophisticated straight locks, you’ll be covered!
Big beauty Brands

Big Beauty Brands – Our Favourite Five!

21 July, 2021
Stock these big beauty brands and they’ll be amongst your best sellers!