Chris Smith – Junior Software Developer

Introducing Chris Smith, our talented Junior Software Developer! Chris joined the team back in 2015 and since then has played a part in four areas of the business.

At Pricecheck, we understand that some graduates can still be at a crossroads when it comes to deciding which career path they’d like to take – that’s why we can offer flexibility and the opportunity to work in different departments during your time with us.

We’re currently supporting Chris through his Level 7 Apprenticeship, which is equivalent to a Masters, in Digital and Technology so that he can follow his passion to work in IT whilst using his key skills right here at Pricecheck.

Find out more about Chris’ story below.

What role did you start in, and how have you progressed? 

“I started initially in a Buying Admin role; however, I was shortly moved to a sales support position. After around a year of working as part of the Sales Team, I was offered the opportunity to move to be a Buyer. During my time as a Buyer, I had the chance to work with different categories which expanded my knowledge in the buying role. I am now part of the IT Team and I’m enjoying learning new skills.” 


How has Pricecheck supported your career ambitions? 

“Pricecheck has been very supportive during my decision to shift from the trading side of the business to the IT side. They worked closely with me to figure out all the possible options for different training courses, internal training and remote learning opportunities. We found the Level 7 apprenticeship/MSc at Sheffield Hallam University was the best fit for both my learning and career progression.” 


Have you enjoyed working in different areas of the business and why? 

“I have certainly enjoyed my time in different areas of the business. I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic members of the company and make some good friends along the way, all the while continuing to learn new skills and gain wider experience about how we operate as business.”


What is it like working in the IT department of a fast-growing company? 

“Busy but rewarding! Everyone on the team is working hard to ensure that our systems are always up to date and always improving to help the business grow further. We have to make sure that we prioritise workload in the best possible way to maintain good progress.”  


How do you juggle completing your Level 7 apprenticeship and working at Pricecheck?  

“So far, I have found success with “little and often”! Almost every night I will dedicate around 45 minutes to an hour of my free time towards study and university work. Doing this allows me to keep on track and because it’s only 45 minutes, it does not feel like a huge effort or that it’s taking up too much of my spare time.”


What skills have you picked up through your different roles at Pricecheck? 

“Probably too many to count! From the top of my head I can say that working in the trading side of the business has been invaluable in learning skills like organisation, interpersonal, and negotiation. I am sure that these skills and all the other things I have learned will stick with me throughout my career.” 


What has been your highlight while working at Pricecheck? 

“I guess it would have to be some of the Christmas parties which we have had over the years. It’s too difficult to pick just one but they have always been really good nights out!”



Holly Norman – Product Administrator Manager

Holly Norman is our brilliant Product Administrator Manager! Holly joined us in 2015 as a placement student and since then she has worked her way up to manager.

Find out more about Holly’s story below:

How many years have you worked at Pricecheck?

"I started a 16 month placement with Pricecheck in June 2015, before returning as a graduate. I have now worked at Pricecheck for 3 years."

Tell us about your average day?

"My normal day usually consists of working closely with the buying team, entering Purchase Orders for any new stock they buy that day. As a team, we create the stock codes, take photos of the products, and ensure that these are kept up to date and accurate throughout the day. I also oversee the Contract Packing team which involves creating labels and planning the workload of jobs for that week."

What has been your biggest challenge? And how did you overcome it?

"Last year I took on the role of Contract Packing Manager, which was something completely different to what I had ever done before at Pricecheck. As this role involved liaising with more teams, particularly Sales and the Warehouse, I had to become more organised and forward thinking to ensure that all jobs were completed on time."

What measures do you put in place to ensure that your team is happy and working effectively?

"It’s been great to be able to work with, and pass on my knowledge, to several different placements students since coming back as a graduate. There is always something new to learn and the most important thing has been making sure there is good communication between the team and encouraging lots of questions! Joining up with the finance team, we organise social nights to help everyone feel more settled and to have some fun outside of work. In the past we have been bowling or even trampolining."

What was Pricecheck like when you first started?

"Pricecheck has grown and changed so much since I joined in 2015. When I first started, we were looking at a smaller range of products and there were significantly less people in the office. Since the move to Beighton, Pricecheck has expanded across all areas of the business and continues to help young adults grow and learn through placement and graduate opportunities."

How has your role changed since you first joined Pricecheck?

"Whilst I was in my placement year I worked within Finance, learning all the roles within that team. However, in the last three months before going back to university, I spent some time working within the Buying Admin team. This was something completely different to what I had ever done before, but I found that it really suited me, and I enjoyed it. I have learnt a wide range of skills and knowledge across the business since joining Pricecheck and it is great to be able to use that to help streamline and improve processes."

What has been your highlight while working at Pricecheck?

"Taking part in St Luke’s Night Strider has been a definite highlight! It’s always great to have so many of the Pricecheck team out supporting and playing such a huge role in the event."

Hannah Burdall - Buyer

Introducing Hannah, one of our premium fragrance and beauty buyers. Hannah started at Pricecheck as a placement student in 2015 and rejoined the year after graduating.

In her three years, Hannah has been instrumental in developing our beauty and fragrance lines, particularly growing our premium product offering.

At Pricecheck, we encourage progression and aim to give our employees opportunities to work their way up through the business with our support.

Find out more about Hannah’s story below:

Tell us a little about your role. What does an average day look like?

Working as a buyer my day is extremely varied. Each week I receive multiple offers on various different brands and it is my job to analyse and review the items to decipher whether these products will sit well in the Pricecheck portfolio. My job involves a huge amount of negotiation as well as product analysis and research. I mainly focus on the higher end of the beauty / fragrance category and it has been my job to increase our premium offering over the last few years.

What additional skills do you think you have gathered since working for Pricecheck?

Too many to count! Negotiation, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills are definitely up there! Also, the ability to have difficult conversations, dealing with people from all walks of life as well as different countries.

What’s been your Pricecheck highlight so far?

Visiting TWFA Cannes – this is my favourite trade show, it has enabled me to meet with all my suppliers and the opportunity to visit here is absolutely fantastic. I have now been three times and each experience has been different. 

What advice would you give to students considering a graduate job?

Never say never, you may not realise what you actually want to do. Working at a company like Pricecheck gives you vast exposure to multiple opportunities; I am grateful that at such an early stage of my career I have had such a responsibility to look after a premium category, travel with my job and meet so many different people. Consider what you want to achieve from your job and always ensure that you are passionate about what you do!

How have you grown as a person since joining Pricecheck? 

Absolutely, I started here when I was 20! I am now 25, I have met multiple friends for life and have made some great friendships across the business.

Joel Tingle - International Account Manager

Meet Joel, International Account Manager here at Pricecheck.  Joel joined us in the summer of 2019, straight from graduating at Sheffield Hallam University, and since then he hasn’t looked back!  He realised early on that Pricecheck’s energy and the possibility of progression were a great fit for him.

Here’s more about Joel’s journey…

What role did you start in, and how have you progressed? 

Over the past two years I’ve had a natural progression through the Sales Team. I started at Pricecheck as a Business Development Assistant, which was a research-based role. It helped me to gain a better understanding of the company before being given the opportunity to work alongside an International Account Manager as their Sales Support.

I gained further experience by working with several reps, and each rep works in a slightly different way due to each sales territory being unique.  I was then given the opportunity to be promoted to an International Account Manager and I jumped at the chance.

Tell us about your current role. What does an average day look like?

I’m currently looking after a large majority of the London region, which is a fast-paced territory.  This means organisation is key in managing the flow of customers.  I am in regular contact with customers throughout the day, ensuring that I understand their requirements, and communicate their needs to my Sales Support and Customer Operations colleagues. Communication is very important and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Overall, London is an exciting territory to work on as there is always someone to speak to and build a relationship with, which is one of things that I find most rewarding.

What skills have you picked up through your different roles at Pricecheck?

My communication skills and confidence have improved throughout my time at Pricecheck. You learn lots of theory at university, but nothing quite prepares you for challenges you face during the average working day. I have learnt how to be organised and proactive when facing an intense workload, as well as appreciating the importance of listening to your customers.

What has been your Pricecheck highlight so far?

A personal highlight for me was reaching my goal of becoming an International Account Manager. It was something I had wanted to achieve since joining the company, so I was very happy to reach this step so early on in my career.

What advice would you give to students considering a graduate job or placement?

Just go for it, Pricecheck was the perfect fit for me!  And if you do end up joining us, get stuck in, embrace the challenges in front of you and learn from the people around you.  It’s a competitive environment, so everyone pushes each other forward.

If you want a job that is varied and challenging, with opportunities to grow and progress, then a graduate role at Pricecheck is right for you.