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1978:- Pricecheck Toiletries is founded

Pricecheck Toiletries Ltd was established in 1978 by the entrepreneurial Lythe family. Expanding on from their local retail business, Pricecheck Toiletries grew to become an international health and beauty wholesale operation.
2001:- Pricecheck moves home
With a solid business foundation in place, Pricecheck expanded into a purposely developed steel works. This has subsequently been extended to a 100,000+ square foot warehouse and office just 2 miles from the M1, central to the whole of the UK.

2005:- Product range expansion

Pricecheck expands its product portfolio from not only branded health and beauty toiletries, cosmetics and fragrance to household, medical and childrens based products.

2011-2012:- Award winning success

Pricechecks main focus on excess inventory and price advantage lead to successful and award winning business growth.

Pricechecks future

There are already plans for additional product categories, increased staff numbers and further warehouse expansion before 2015